Why do you swim?

Just hate it when my club shuts down for the whole of the summer holidays, so I do not get 5 weeks worth of training.

Whilst I complete the consent form for the Melanie Marshall Swim Inspiration’s camp for the second time, I have one question which simply says: “Why do you swim?”

imageThis year I am attending the summer camp, (early August), last year I attended the Easter camp. Apparently Repton was an invasion point for the Vikings around 865 AD, how amazing.

The swim camp is going to be at Repton school in the wonderful Derbyshire countryside. I know I am not going to make it for the English or the British Nationals this year and so opt for some concentrated training with Grant Turner instead. Last year I gotten a lot of swim inspirations there.

So why do I swim? I suppose now I am doing it for fitness and stress relief. I think I’ll also want to be a coach later on. I am going to study sport science, triple science, maths and continue to do the intensive training. My brain works best with lots of swimming.

Hopefully next year I’ll get better still and will make the nationals.

Incidentally the polite attentiveness of both Grant Turner and Melanie Marshall is characteristic of fast and happy swimmers.


Good old Derby, here we go again. I found that Madison’s swimming spirits were fully activated after last year’s Mel Marshall Swiminspirations swimming camp in Derby.  Even though, I would have wanted to see more out-doors activities, since it is in the wonderful Derbyshire countryside, the after-effect was excellent.

IMG-20170415-WA0001Madison met some Olympians on her visit, including Adam Peaty and of course the wonderful Tim Shuttleworth and Luke Greenbank and came fully motivated.

When Madison attended the camp in 2017, Madison achieved 6 Regional times in 2018. I want to keep that momentum going and therefore we are going to go to Mel’s summer camp this year to refresh the motivation.

Swimmers must be strongly motivated to get national times and I think it’s the people around you that make you as you influence each other.