Swims can only get Better

Madison’s previous club did not have early morning training for quite a while. Some years ago Madison went to morning training twice a week. Now it takes a little getting used to again. Especially on those cold winter-mornings, when it is really dark and frosty outside. Even for me as parent, I occasionally find myself moaning and not being exactly the best role-model there is.

But, overcoming the initial hick-ups, we are getting there. The hope that it will soon be spring and we can see the sun-rise again in the morning, cheers us up. (A picture will follow as soon as we can see a sun-rise again).

Obviously after changing club there can be no sudden jump in performance, especially as it takes around 9 month to get out of bad stroke-practise.

The best effect of changing clubs to LACPP is that Madison has found the will for swimming again. Madison can see hope that her swimming performance now stands a chance of achieving something in the long-term. If I had not changed club for Madison, she would have dropped out of swimming completely this year.

We do follow the County champs results of Madison’s previous club mates who also changed clubs to various other clubs closely. Some are doing extremely well.

OK, so the 800 free didn’t go too well, but then not everyone is an 800-meter swimmer. This weekend we have the 50 sprints to come and that is going to be very exciting. As it takes place in Madison’s home-pool the LAC, she hopes to do well. I am sure she will do her best. So far we had PBs in every race Madison entered, which is a good result. What more could we want?

Christmas at Dagenham

Madison entered 8 events and gained Personal Best times in each event entered; she gained county times in 5 events entered and now has a total of 8 county qualifying times. Madison won 5 bronze medals also, which are in the shape of a decorated Christmas Tree, lovely. Madison’s PB improvements ranged from 3 – 55 seconds. Please see the full PDF results file by clicking¬†bd2016-christmas-lr161593.

The sharp improvement in all strokes is due to the excellent quality training she receives at the London Aquatic Centre Performance Program’s coach Alexander McDonald, and the club, which employs top support staff with backing of the University of East London. That the club also trains in the best pool in the UK, is an extra bonus.

Madison trains 5 times per week in the 50m London Aquatic Centre Olympic quality pool and once a week in the LAC 25m training pool.

Picture taken by Alexander at the 800 freestyle event at Barking and Dagenham on 16/12/16 features  Kaia Cudmore, Madison Taylor.


Redbridge the 2-year interval age-group

Age-groups in 2 yearly intervals are very tough for those who are on the first steps of the year ladder. Madison only just turned 12 but her age-group spanned 12 – 13, meaning that anybody between 12 and almost 14 could take part.

We are grateful Madison could achieve some PB’s but her best placing out of all her races was 8th.

Madison usually ranks better in races, which are held in single age-groups e.g. just 12. But it always usually works out that those near the end of their age group do better than those at the beginning.

It is important as a younger swimmer, to not just become a medal hunter and only enter competitions where you know you are very likely to get a medal because of age and best stroke. Important it is though, to enter competitions for your weakest stroke and rather be last and work your way up than ignore that stroke and never learn it.

Click for the full results of the meet on 1/2 October 2016, Early County Qualifier at Fullwell Cross here.

LBWF meeting 25/9/16, 4 medals but mixed feelings

Madison won 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze medals but did not get all PB times with those medals won.

Whilst I have mixed feelings about the statistics of the times achieved, Madison and her friends enjoyed themselves tremendously at the meet. Swimmers have great comradeship and enjoy the competitions.

Here are the facts, all medals won in age group 12 in 50 meter pool, all times stated 50 m times. See the published results here for

  1.  1 Gold 100 back 01:24:61 (previous best 01:23:21)
  2. 1 Silver 50 free 33:34 (previous best 32:27)
  3. 2 Bronze 200 free 02:46:08 (new PB) and 200 back in 03:00:41 (previous best 2:57:90)
  4. 5th place 200 free 01:16:12 (previous best 1:14:83
  5. 6th place 200 IM 03:06:64 (New PB)

It was the first meet of the season and swimmers have to warm up after the long summer break. Obviously I would love to see new PBs with all races entered and medals won.

Madison raised awareness for her new club LACPP, due to circumstances, she was the only swimmer for her new club and many swimmers enquired what LACPP is, as they never heard of it. They have heard about it now.