Look and compare the two pictures, showing the weather in Spain and in London on the 9/10 April 2018.

spainland1weather Since swimmers are expected to get the British National Qualifying times in this narrow 4 months window, incorporating the British winter and often dreary spring, especially for us Londoners, I wonder whether the results of spending a week in Spain, prior to Regionals will push up the performance results.

Lets wait and see.

London Region Summer champs 2018

Qualification times were published now and they are fast. We have till 11. April 2018 to get a time.

Well, I think that if Madison continues to train at the pace and volume she does now she will be meeting the Regional and national qualifying times in the years to come.

London Age-group champs 2017

It is this time of year again, where our young and promising swimmers compete in the London Region Age-group championships. The times are fast and furious.


Madison meets the times for her actual age, at the date of the competition but the rules require to state the age for the competition at 1 year older than she actually is and so Madison is always slightly slow each year. At the time of the competition Madison is 12 but needs to swim the 13-year-old times. I suppose she’ll have to wait until she is 17 before she can get the regional time and then progress from there.

I’ll have to check how different swimmers develop to see if there is a chance that some swimmers get fast later and some earlier than others.

Lets see if the swimming lasts that long. Madison is very determined right now. In British Swimming open aging starts for females born 1999 or earlier. So that Madison needs to be 17/18 to get a level-playing field.

Obviously swimmers need to compete at the age that they are on 31 December 2017. If a swimmer is born in January 2017, they have a huge age advantage. Madison is born in June and has 6 month to make up.

It remains to be seen if Madison can close that gap eventually. Madison surely loves swimming and will try her hardest.


British champs qualifying times

The age count only starts at the year 2000, so for anybody who is younger still there is that feeling: ‘plenty of time to get it’. 50 freestyle in 27:30 must be a doddle for a hard-swimming 16 year old.

Madison is 12 now and swims 50 free in just over 32 secs. It’s best to set a goal, e.g. improve by 1:20 second per year. Kids often make immense best times as they grow. Thinking that once the gym work kicks in times will get faster still.

It’s all a matter of sticking with the sport. It’s the biggest mistake to change sport once an athlete has spent so many years training on this already.

Whilst 4 seconds to gain on 50 free doesn’t seem a lot it is probably more difficult than knocking 30 seconds of a longer distance. We will see those qualifying times are for 2017, how fast will they be in 2021?

I have chosen the LACPP club for Madison because I think she has a better chance of getting better at 50m swimming when she trains each day in a 50 m pool. Most good swimmers in Britain train regularly in 50m pools.