Video analysis

As Youth squat members of the LACPP, swimmers are very privileged to get regular video analysis of their stroke technique. This happens more than once a month. Prior to becoming a member in this squad Madison had only a couple of video analysis done, once at her previous club and once when taking part in a Maximum Performances swim camp. Regular video analysis with the coach, helps to stop stroke errors regularly so that a swimmer doesn’t get stuck in bad habits. Alexander, Madison’s LACPP coach uses all the latest gadgets.

It takes around 9 month to re-learn a stroke once a swimmer has gotten into a habit of swimming it in the not most efficient manner.

Happy and successfull 2017

  • stay positive
  • be punctual
  • attend as many sessions as possible.
  • don’t become a dictator. (1)
  • try for new Personal Best times. (2)
  • do not ignore your GCSE exams/school work (3)
  • use good nourishment routines.(4)
  • remember committment gets you further.
  • reduce empty times, keep busy. (5)
  • complete all tasks as set by your coach.

(1) I have heard that

  • some swimmers will only swim if their parents buy them certain costumes and/or goggles in certain colours. Make swimming your most important task not the colour of your costume.
  • some swimmers only want to swim if another specific person also swims. Remember you swim because it is your favourite sport.

(2) The older you get the harder is it to get new PBs. Perhaps extra land training and gym workouts or other types of muscle training will help.

(3) Use your time wisely and do homework between school and swimming and do not stay up too late to complete home work. Get at least 7 hours sleep per night.

(4) Eat at least 1 1/2 hours prior to swim practise with plenty of fluid. After practise have nourishing drinks and replenishing snacks/meals.

(5) if you sit and watch TV/films, try and exercise by using a hand weight.

Swimming inspirations coming

Madison just booked into the 2017 Easter swim camp run by Melanie Marshall, the 3-times swimming coach of the year winner and personal coach to Adam Peaty.

During the swim camp week, visits by swimming stars are promised and I really hope that Madison gets the chance to meet with Adam Peaty.

*Picture from British Swimming website

Jack Petchey award winner

Just received this unusual letter, addressed to Madison and upon opening it, was very surprised to see that Madison has won the November 2016 Jack Petchey award for Girl Guiding London North East County.

Madison was chosen as

  • being kind
  • funny and caring
  • getting on with everyone
  • always having a smile on her face and
  • positive attitude.

And also Madison sets a fantastic example to all the guides. Well done!!

Maybe this is a good place to mention that Madison was also awarded the pupil of the year 7 group in Bishop Challoner School for last year.

Poolside homework

In Tower Hamlets I feel, there are fewer Secondary School pupils engaged with competitive swimming than in other boroughs. Most schools here in Tower Hamlets are more or less strongly competing in ball games or athletics rather than swimming. There is one school with a pool in the borough.

Madison has been swimming since 7 years and her homework schedule increased since attending Bishop Challoner School for Girls. When to do homework is always an issue.

I noticed there are plenty of homework clubs in Tower Hamlets but none are near pools. I think one way of increasing Secondary pupils’ swimming would be help with homework whilst waiting for the session.

Madison goes to the pool straight after school as there is not enough time to go home and then to the pool. There is about 45 minutes wait, which can be used brilliantly to do some homework.

Perhaps pool operators could make one of their suits available for homework clubs to encourage secondary pupils to come to swimming sessions.

Especially now as many more parents work, homework clubs combined with swimming sessions would help both parents, the swimmers and the sport.