All things new

I am a great supporter of local clubs and therefore trying to re-join Bethnal Green Sharks, where Madison was a member for 6 1/2 years and us being residents in Bethnal Green since 39 years, seemed logical. We still have many friends swimming there.

Yet we were not welcome with ‘open arms‘. Re-joining there has been made too difficult and unpleasant.

Just today, and by total accident, I found this invite from Swim England in my spam inbox, inviting Madison to join the new club, that is going to succeed the LACPP, which will not be run by the UEL but supposedly independent.

A meeting will be held at LAC in September.

I think that is very exciting, not only being member in the original LACPP but now in a newly configured club that shall train at the LAC.

I had a feeling that those medals that were given out at the first and only LACPP, Level 3, hosted meet at the LAC last year are going to have collector’s value.

London legacy works

The London Legacy program works very well compared to Rio where a recent article on MSN shown us pictures of a decaying Olympic swimming pool and other stadiums that are rotting away. Read the article with pictures here.

I and MadisonĀ are very happy using the LAC and the LACPP swimming club. The maintenance is superb, the facilities always clean and the atmosphere very good. Perhaps I could ask for the swimmers and their parents/carers in the club to get free parking.

Fantastic session

I like the early morning sessions, getting up at 4:30 am and then trotting to the bus stop to catch the first bus that takes us straight to the LAC for the 6am session.

Mornings have many extra bonuses, there is the sunrise to watch, the birds singing loudly from the trees at nearby Victoria Park and also the foxes sometimes meet and greet us on our way. But really they are more interested in the rich bins around the area.

I think it is healthy to get up early in the morning, even if it means getting to bed earlier to get enough sleep.

Alexander MacDonald’s training session are the best advanced sessions I have personally had the pleasure to experience from the watching parent point of view. He has many tricks up his sleeve and spends a lot of time on each swimmer. It is really worth the while to get training from him; Alexander trains the National Youth Squad and has some Legacy training too.

I also think that the Talent lane that Tony Ansell runs in the Sharks is great for swimmers who start out the Big Pool training and get 2 hours of special coaching to learn finesse in stroke technique and racing tricks. I think swimmers do not need to be in any swimming club to join Talent Lane run at York Hall and Mile End.

I just wanted to say something good about our local clubs and let you know about it too.