Incredibly exciting times ahead

My move to Hackney has proven to be the most important and best decision I have made in my young life, in sporting terms.

There are the best prospects ahead and I can work with swimmers on all performance levels.

From next weekend the club attends no less than 4 different competitions. There is lots of fun at:

There is something for everyone. Of course all competition swimmers (well most) want to be selected or the Premium selection meets like the Golden Tour but it is a very good feeling to be part of a great mix.

Madison will swim at the Regional Qualifier in Basildon.

Seeing that our head coach Rick Hall has gotten all these important letters after his name like Rick Hall (First Class BA HONS Sports Coaching, Level 3 Swimming Coach), and having experienced the club environment, I now think that the continuation of the former LACPP should have been transferred to Hackney Aquatics or a committee consisting of various clubs.

Hackney Aquatics has an amazing bunch of parent volunteers who run the club in great harmony and effectively and Hackney, out of all clubs we have had the pleasure to experience, has the most robust and effective financial system.

Hackney, like most local top clubs have now also signed up for Team Unify, a move that has not been made by Newham UEL, who promised exciting changes to their website last year but nothing has happened.

Rick Hall from Hackney Aquatics is also the most qualified coach to handle top swimmers as he is actually employed by Middlesex County as County Coach.

img_1181The competitive swimming club development within the LAC is still a precarious situation, which needs to be looked at further. Geographically located within the borders of Essex, LAC no less hosts all clubs within the area, who can be located within Essex County, Middlesex County or other counties.

Having trained there for over a year, whilst LACPP was a primary British swimming development, there is a certain flair attached for us and vivid memories connected with the LAC training environment.

I think all regional swimmers who trained with LACPP still miss the Saturday Beacon program and I think Swim England should again look at the situation and discuss this further.


LAC Advanced Coaching Scheme

LAC ASC will start training tomorrow at the Olympic Pool in Stratford. A very positive initial meeting today, which was attended by the Creme-de-la-Creme of British Swimming brought us the excellent news that Nick Sellwood, who is a member of the British Swimming Coaches Association and listed as one of the Olympic Coaches here, will be the interim coach at the LAC training pool the following week.

This program is getting better all the time and as I have heard this afternoon a new website will be open from tomorrow, Monday 4th. September 2017, through the NUEL swimming club website here. Apparently news just in say that a completely new website will open from tomorrow, 5th. September 2017.

However, at the time of editing this page 4/9/17, on the NUEL website, the training time-table is the old one. LAC ACS Revised timetable from 04.09.17 with training sessions starting at 17:00 on most days.

The club’s training program will be supervised by Swim England directly and it promises to be top quality performance coaching.

I understand that Holly Richards, NUEL’s current headchoach will be in charge until a new head coach for LACACS is appointed.

Excellent progress is being made, we can continue swimming swimmers.

LAC Advanced Coaching Scheme is administered by the Newham & NUEL swimming club, but the training schedule for swimmers being members of the LAC ACS runs from the LAC only.

There are swimmers that can be members of the host clubs only, including the Newham club whose training is based on their home borough, e.g. the pools in and around Newham or whichever borough they are from. Those clubs then have allocated sessions at the Olympic pool see the LAC ACS Revised timetable from 04.09.17. Those sessions are from 19:00 in the evenings and on Saturdays.

I understand that swimmers also can be members of a local club, and be part-time members of the LAC ACS, but that depends whether the club coach allows this part-time membership. I think a pro-rata payment for the swimming sessions is available on request.

Please contact your club’s coach if you are interested in this.