Keeping up the performance

In performance sports constant fitness regimes and a lifestyle that is focused on performance are imperative.

There is no fast way to sporting results for most athletes, not all are fast starters and many reap the results of their training and clean living efforts later on in life. Remember you can establish a swimming record till very late in life, age-groups never stop.

Learning to deal with rejections and throwbacks is almost as important for a young swimmer as being able to win. Most swimmers probably lose more races than winning them.

It is however very important to attend competitions on a monthly basis to stay tuned.

In swimming as a sport, peaking at 18+ is probably more convenient than earlier because it fits in with the schooling regime that we all have to follow here in the UK.

What is important is that we get into healthy living habits, don’t slack on the swimming training and keep it up.

Performance swimming means being constantly on the swim, on a daily basis. You gotta love swimming a lot to be able to do it.

Once you get selected for national teams, you get a whole host of wonderful training opportunities through podium funding. Prior to that all athletes can apply for GLL funding. But as said previously there are also many practical ways to improve fitness.

dedication is what you need

Madison is taking herself training during this summer holiday period because the LACPP club stopped training at the end of July, the club has been abandoned and the new club is not going to start till September.

Madison trained incredibly hard last season. The excellent quality training that LACPP provided led to an 800% increase in performance but now, a 6-week break would undo all of that hard work she put in last season.

Now there is no other choice but to train alone or with others if somebody else happen to be at the pool whilst Madison is there. Thanks to @gllsf funding, Madison met up with some Olympic swimmers the other day who happened to train in the same lane as her.

It is incredibly important to become self-sufficient in the training routines because whatever happens, it is the swimmer’s effort that leads to success. If a club does not provide training then a swimmer needs to decide whether they like swimming so much that they want to continue training or, if they are not that bothered, just let it go.

We all know, that swimming requires constant training, it is most important to keep the momentum going and not let all that great conditioning go to waste.

Just thinking that it would be an incredible waste to have gotten up twice a week at 4:30 for a year and then not to bother for 6 weeks in the summer break.

For us it is a matter of location. We left the Bethnal Green Sharks, as all serious competitive swimmers did, and joined a better club but as the LACPP was a new club with not as many swimmers as other established clubs, the training has been stopped during the month of August.

Of course we could join another established club like the Chelsea and Westminster, Hackney or even Redbridge but that would mean incredibly long travel times to swimming practice each day during term time and that is what we do not want to do. So we just make up those 6 weeks summer break and patiently await the forming of the new LAC based swimming club in autumn.

We don’t even know what the new club is going to be called. But that is dedication, hang in there, keep training and hope for the best.

Good news

Better membership card for the GLL training support, outside the LAC with view of the Copper Box.

Madison has been awarded the GLL Sport foundation training sponsorship, which means Madison gets free access to all GLL sports centres for a whole year. Madison can’t wait to go to the gym at the Copper Box Arena.


parking sorted at the LAC for LACPP

I am quite impressed by the high-quality discussion that took place around the car parking and drop-off issues that concerns swimming club members.

As it looks to me now, a sensible solution has been found and drivers will be able to get reduced price pay and play parking on the strength of a childs’ GLL membership, that only costs £10 per year. Apparently LACPP members are not automatically GLL members and so a GLL membership has to be especially acquired with the venue.

Please read the excellent parking page on the LACPP website for a full explanation of charges.

Even though I am an ardent non car commuter, I fully understand people’s need to drive there by car especially as the distances can be quite substantial and many items have to be carried as well to help the training needs. I wrote in support of the drivers to the management and I am glad that a solution has been found to accommodate the club members. Madison was worried that some of her training friends would have to leave the club over the issue and a huge sigh of relief has been heard.

But just as I finished writing and posting the first version of this post, I read on the BBC website that car insurance premiums are set to soar because of changes in how compensation is calculated.  That puts a definite urgency on life-style changes, so that car need becomes less.