Sneaking in exercise

One of the biggest causes of obesity and general unfitness is our lifestyle, the fact that we spend long periods sitting or lying around doing nothing and then only have small periods of activity.

Even though health gurus generally recommend small bursts of high-intensity workouts to keep the body going, that is just about all it does, but it doesn’t increase general fitness stamina.

I recommended this previously, that you should do exercise whenever possible but I have not reached to the parts of the exercise that are generally taboo, the bed and the holiday sun loungers or the beach.

In the bed, the sun loungers or the beach, there is one excellent exercise that is brilliant. Whilst you lay down, and this is best done with plenty of blankets or towels on the legs, to weigh you down, just lift up your legs, keeping them straight and hold them up at about 2 – 3 inches height as long as possible. Repeat at least 10 times. Rest. Repeat. You can do this for hours.

This tones your core, keeps your tummy flat and even tones the neck muscles and face muscles. You feel mentally refreshed doing this. I can’t offer you your money back if you don’t as you do not pay for the advice but try it anyhow.

I recommend this for sleepless nights, lazy days, beach holidays.