Sponsored events

Marina, Stella, Madison and Sam, the youngest team

In Tower Hamlets for example we have the Canary Wharf Sprints event, which is sponsored by the Canary Wharf group. Canary Wharf group is a local blue-chip company that sponsors various local sporting clubs.

Other sponsored events may include age groups named after specific sponsors like the Kate Lack Trophy Gala for example. This is usually a licensed level 3 meet.

The M11 Arena Junior Interleague is sponsored by the swimwear manufacturer Arena.

Swim Britain, sponsored by British Gas is a very well known event.

All events listed here, with exception of the Kate Lack Trophy gala are unlicensed meets. Arena Junior League is affiliated with ASA but not licensed. Any PB tine you achieve at an unlicensed meet are not eligible for entry times on level 2 and 1 meets.

Please let me know if you wish to be added to this list.