School events

Ilyas Ahmed, won Gold in the Aquathlon for Tower Hamlets in the 11 year age group.

Schools are now required by law to teach pupils swimming. Most Primaries provide 1 swimming lesson per week for a couple of years.

The London boroughs each hold a Primary school Swimming Gala whereby schools get contacted and asked to enter swimmers for this yearly event. Normally year 5 and 6 pupils take part in races in all four strokes and some medleys, each swimmer completes one length of the pool. Individual winners win medals, teams win medals and an overall team winner gets announced. The swimmers get chosen through the school swim lessons. The fastest swimmers of those races usually go through to perform in the London Youth Games. Transport provided by the school. Parents can attend and watch but make their own way.

Secondary schools provide swimming as part of their PE curriculum, that may not be each week but perhaps half a term, once weekly.



The London Youth Games include

  • Swimming, Swimming mini,
  • Para swimming, Para swimming mini
  • Triathlon, Aquathlon
  • Water polo

whereby participants are selected by the boroughs according to their region and invited to participate. Transport usually provided by the borough. Parents can attend and watch but make their own way.

The London Schools Swimming Association hosts

  • LSSA Primary Individual Championships
  • ESSA London Secondary Teams Swimming

School events are not licensed with the ASA and any Personal Best times you get cannot be used to enter level 2 and level 1 meets.

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