pacing 200 + races

For younger swimmers who wish to achieve a County or Regional time and have not yet reached their peak fitness, due to age development, it is the safest tactic to look at the time needed to qualify.

For example:

200 Free Girls Short-course Qual time is 2:33:00 = 155 seconds. Short course is 8 length on 200m = 155/8 = 19 seconds per lap, which gives a small time advantage at the end, also taking the jumping start into account.

200 Free Girls Converted to long course time is 2:35:29 rounded down to 2:35:00, Long course is 4 length on 200 = 155/4 = 38:75 per lap.

Consistently swim the same speed for each lap especially in a long course race.

There is a lot of pressure for going out fast to feel an advantage, but that results often in a slowing down during the second and third lap, to lead to an acceleration during the last lap, if that last lap is faster than the first lap that is called a negative split.

USA swimming have studied the swimming tactics of their top swimmers and found that female swimmers are much less likely to achieve a true negative split during longer races compared to male swimmers. 3/4 of male top US swimmers managed negative splits whilst only 1/8 of female swimmers managed them.

That is a fitness issue and this type of racing should only be considered when continuing swimming careers once the qualifying times for County and Regionals have been achieved. There is a lot to be gained from plenty of land and gym training combined with swimming training, which is only suitable for older swimmers as younger swimmers are not allowed into gyms and often do not get effective land training.

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