County meets

All County Associations have their own websites and distribute their own entry forms and conditions.

The catchment area of a swimming county association includes all clubs within the territory of that county. There are various county like Middlesex, Essex, Devon etc and each club will know which county they belong to.

Swimmers need to enter the county events of the county their club belongs to and not where they reside. County meets are usually level 2 and must be licensed with the ASA. The appear on the ASA meets calendar. The entry time for a level 2 meet must have been obained at a licensed level 3 meet minimum within the last 12 months.

All entries are also organised by age-groups and the age you need to enter with is usually your age as on 31. December of the year you enter. Around London, County meets take place in January, February; if you are 12 then but 13 on 31. December of that year, you need to enter as 13 years old.

To be eligible for a County meet, swimmers must meet minimum speeds. There is a consideration time and a guaranteed time. This allows organisers flexibility for entry. Any swimmers not within the time bands, cannot apply for the event. Entry times can vary considerably from county to county.

Some Counties make entry times quite fast if they want to curb entries to a minimum, others allow slower swimmers to get as many participating clubs as possible.

Each event attracts a fee that the swimmer must pay to their club, the club will then finalise entries with the County.

Final Entrant lists are sent out to clubs after the closing date so that swimmers can see if they will be able to swim at the event. Check the list to see if you are on it. If not and you have paid get a refund from your club.

If your entry has been scratched, better luck next time.