Club galas

are usually organised by various clubs within a region. In Greater London East they are called Mini League. Clubs takes it in turns and visit each other for a round.

Club galas are not licensed unless notified. Any times achieved cannot be used in level 2 or 1 meets.

Clubs usually provide transport and parents can come along to watch. Swimmers enter for free but parents need to pay a small fee to watch.

Galas are the first exciting team event many swimmers enter on the club level. Most thoroughly enjoy the experience and enjoy supporting their team.

Team members are chosen by the club organisers on discretion, swimmers are usually aged 8 – 12.

What causes confusion for many is that the fastest swimmer not always wins.

Each race is allocated a highest guide time and the club that comes nearest to the time wins the most points, the further away from the guide time the less points a team gets. Any swimmer or team breaching the top fast time will get disqualified.

All four strokes and team relays are swum in age groups normally  under 10, 11 and under, 12 and under.

These events are a superb way for swimmers to get a taste of competition and learn to support their team.