Swimming and education

Swimming complements and enhances education. Madison has always had a 100 % attendance both in Primary and now in Secondary school.

Only exception a bout of chickenpox, when she was sent home for a few weeks and was not allowed in school.

At year 6 Primary SATS Madison sat level 6 exams and in maths hat the best result in the school. Now in Secondary school Madison has had all sorts of tests and been found to have the 7th highest IQ in the whole of the school, which is attended by hundreds of students and includes a Sixth Form.

A free online IQ test resulted in:IQ TestIQ Test

After the first year of Secondary School Madison was awarded the Pupil of the Year award at Bishop Challoner School in London for year 7 students.

Madison also attended the Westminster School of Performing Arts, taking drama, tap dance and piano lessons. Madison now continuous weekly piano lessons from a local teacher. Madison achieved the

  • LAMDA Entry level award speaking verse and prose with distinction from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.
  • Level 1 award in graded Examination in Dance (QCF) Grade 1 with distinction
  • Grade 1 Piano pass QCF level from  The Association Board of Royal Schools of Music.
  • Gold award from the International Dance Teachers Association with Shuffles School of Dance
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I state all this just to proof to you that swimming is not just going up and down a lane all the time, it furthers children’s intellect and enhances development.