Swimming and education

Swimming complements and enhances education. Madison has normally had a 100 % attendance both in Primary and now in Secondary school.

At year 6 Primary SATS Madison sat level 6 exams and in maths hat the best result in the school, she did her morning practise at 6AM prior to her SATS tests. Now in Secondary school Madison has had all sorts of tests and been found to have a very high IQ.

A free online IQ test resulted in:IQ TestIQ Test

After the first year of Secondary School Madison was awarded the Pupil of the Year award at Bishop Challoner School in London for year 7 students.

A report published in September 2017, by Swim England, written by Ian Cumming, CEO of Health Education England, concludes that swimming adolescents can be more clever than their non-competitive counterparts.

Madison also attended the Westminster School of Performing Arts, taking drama, tap dance and piano lessons. Madison now continuous weekly piano lessons from a local teacher. Madison achieved the

  • LAMDA Entry level award speaking verse and prose with distinction from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.
  • Level 1 award in graded Examination in Dance (QCF) Grade 1 with distinction
  • Grade 2 Piano pass QCF level from  The Association Board of Royal Schools of Music.
  • Gold award from the International Dance Teachers Association with Shuffles School of Dance
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I think young people should participate in as much different activities as possible.

Swimming clears the mind, reduces stress and increases general fitness and well-being.

Whether any young swimmer wants to intensify the sport probably won’t be ascertained at a young age.

Swimming and education has become a life-style by now and Madison needs to swim to feel good.

There are no general rules because every swimmer is different and Madison swims because she loves it and always wanted to go to the pool.

How well any young person learns at school an differ vastly and there are no general rules. However all swimmers must comply with current laws about school attendance. In some cases swimming can be seen as out-side education by a school and is permissable but that depends on the headteacher.