Getting enough sleep is a very important factor in growing up. There are tables available that state how much sleep a child needs at a certain age. I publish a link  here from the NHS.

The sleep is tremendously important and children can be negatively affected if they constantly suffer from lack of sleep.

The National Sleep Foundation puts thorough research into the subject.


Parents should ensure that kids do not have their mobiles or tablets in the bedroom so that kids do not get woken up on the night from social media activities.

Even teachers emphasized prior to important tests in school that kids need to have slept well to perform well in school and the same also counts for the pool.

One of the most discussed issues on swimming and training schedules is the pool time clubs get from pool providers.

Too many late training sessions coupled with early mornings can lead to permanent damage. Parents should make an informed choice on how many sessions they allow their kids to take part. Lack of sleep can have very serious consequences.

If necessary parents should put their clubs under pressure to change training schedules so that kids get enough sleep.

Here is a nice article published on Swimming World, written by Nora Hunt.