I will post here links to recipes I shall publish as I go discover them. We like chocolate a lot as it is a ‘natural’ sweetener to many non savoury dishes.


We never skip breakfast, especially not before early morning training sessions. It is worth getting up that extra hour earlier to prepare the body with good food for a long day ahead. I recommend having breakfast 1 hour prior to training start. Have breakfast at 5am if training starts at 6am.

Chocolate Porridge is ideal for early morning breakfast. It provides a lot of slow-releasing energy for an early morning training session. Recipe click.

Passion Fruit and Mango Chocolate surprise pancake. For days where we don’t have pre-school training. Recipe click.

After training recovery

Chocolate Milk is the ideal after training drink, to be consumed within 20 minutes of the end of exercise/training to help the body recover from the strain. I prefer to use home-made drinks as to avoid all kinds of additives. Recipe click.