Qualify for London region?

We are getting ready for this year’s level 1, Basildon Spring long-course meet, this weekend. Dates coincide with London region age group champs.

Madison favourite stroke is the 50 back at the moment.

The official consideration time London Age Group champs for boys is 36:7 and for girls 36, both aged 13.

A male friend of Madison got accepted for regionals with an entry time of 36:20 that equals 241 Fina points. (Converted short-course time).

Madison’s time is 36:34 (long-course). That’s 412 Fina points.

I just don’t know why London region accepts 241 Fina points but doesn’t allow 412 Fina points to apply.

We are very glad to get the opportunity of participating on the level 1 Basildon and Phoenix meet that runs concurrently on the same dates as London Region Age Group champs and all the hard work at least led to 8 qualifying times for the Basildon meet.

London Age-group champs 2017

It is this time of year again, where our young and promising swimmers compete in the London Region Age-group championships. The times are fast and furious.


Madison meets the times for her actual age, at the date of the competition but the rules require to state the age for the competition at 1 year older than she actually is and so Madison is always slightly slow each year. At the time of the competition Madison is 12 but needs to swim the 13-year-old times. I suppose she’ll have to wait until she is 17 before she can get the regional time and then progress from there.

I’ll have to check how different swimmers develop to see if there is a chance that some swimmers get fast later and some earlier than others.

Lets see if the swimming lasts that long. Madison is very determined right now. In British Swimming open aging starts for females born 1999 or earlier. So that Madison needs to be 17/18 to get a level-playing field.

Obviously swimmers need to compete at the age that they are on 31 December 2017. If a swimmer is born in January 2017, they have a huge age advantage. Madison is born in June and has 6 month to make up.

It remains to be seen if Madison can close that gap eventually. Madison surely loves swimming and will try her hardest.


Swim 21 Performance Environment

LACPP is currently the only London club with this prestigious award. Proud to be part of it. Just read the news on the LACPP Facebook page.

It is true, the training atmosphere in the LAC is very pleasant, the cleanest I have experienced from any pool I have been too, and one just feels good.

Madison was very sceptical before joining, but now, she would not want to leave.

This latest accreditation makes LACPP officially the BEST club in London.

And out goes you

Waiting to transform into one of those really fast swimmers that qualify for the ‘London region winter championships’. Closing date for entries is tomorrow. Qualifying times state 16 and under. A small consolation perhaps that Madison has a few years to go till 16 but it would be nice to be faster than expected.

Perhaps I can expect a super-fast time through transcendental transformation?

Being in a fast club helps, at least we get the invites to the competition, something to work towards next year.

Next competition is in Redbridge 25 m pool

On 2. October Madison will swim in Redbridge’s Early County Qualifier. The event stretches over 2 days 1+2. October.

Prior to such competitions we tend to train each day to get fitter. County Qualifier events are held each autumn by many clubs because the County championships are usually held in January / February of each year. At least Middlesex and Essex County hold their in those first 2 months of the year.  As this is the flu season, regular training helps to keep the flu away.

Since Madison joined LACPP we belong to Essex County and they have their County Champs entry times published here. Clubs usually download the packs and invite swimmers to enter those competitions prior to the closing date.

Madison has already achieved a few qualifying times for the forthcoming county competition but still attends preliminary meets to get into the competitive mood and I think to meet up with swimming friends.