Life’s good

On, what is going to be the hottest day of the year so far, we are settling back into the normal routine.

  • Back to school
  • Early morning before school
  • Early evening after school training.


stoke newingtonThere is no such thing as a morning or an evening person. It all depends on the up-bringing and routines we are getting used to from child hood.

I wasn’t raised as a morning person and getting used to AM training on a regular basis was a bit of a chore. But now, early mornings are getting better and better.


ClaptonEven the journey back after the training sessions help meĀ  prepare for a busy school day.

The hazy sunshine on a hot morning is very calming and relaxing and I learned to appreciate the sensations I get when looking into the morning sky and I appreciate the changing nature of the trees and shrubs that make a significant part of the skyline.


Cambridge HeathThe more trees, the more bird song and the chirping and singing makes a great backdrop on the views. Well really, I just have my earphones in and listen to my favourite songs. Perhaps some birds manage to enhance the tunes I am listening to.

The bus chuckles along and I ponder whether I missed the Newham National qualifier at the LAC last week or whether looking back to the under-water sensation and the fantastic week of Spanish training was stimulating enough for me to smash those national times during the Regional competitions in May.

My year has been set up and I look forward to reaping the better times I am going to achieve this year.


Youth Games swimming

I spend the Saturday officiating at Crystal Palace because the brilliant Balfour Beatty organisation, that kindly sponsors the London Youth Games relies on volunteers to help at those games.

It was a brilliant day and everybody enjoyed their swims. Madison swam for Tower Hamlets.

Tower Hamlets’ swimmers needed

Tower Hamlets Youth Sport Foundation is recruiting swimmers for

  • the London YouthGames swimming, 8. July 2017
  • Aquathalon (swim and run), 9. July 2017

both at Crystal Palace.

Every swimmer counts but it will be very competitive, so being a competitive swimmer helps. All those residing in Tower Hamlets or attending a school here can take part.

please apply without hesitating to

London Youth Games 2017

May I strongly advise any Tower Hamlets based swimmers either by school or home-address or both to register with the Tower Hamlets organiser directly rather than wait to be invited. Please register by the middle of May 2017. The event is coordinated by the Tower Hamlets Youth Sport Foundation.

There are some great swimming events and the Aquathalon is great fun and consists of combined swimming and running. Youth Games swimming events are at the beginning of July. Please look this up at the Youth Games website.