Can’t swim but volunteer

volunteer award
Well done Madison with Jeremy and Jo

Tonight at the Hackney Aquatics Awards evening, Madison won the Jeremy Tobias-Tarsh volunteers award for providing more than 115 volunteer hours helping other swimmers in the club and the coaches.


If you love the sport of swimming and remember those times when you were in the development squads, then you know how it feels to get that extra special bit of attention that a pool side helper with great stroke knowledge can bring.

Hackney Aquatics has a great young volunteers program, helping young persons into an aquatics career.

The THH and HAC partnership

arena1Overall the location has solved a problem for swimmers and it worked out well. All those swimmers who left Bethnal Green Sharks to continue their careers at Hackney Aquatics have made an excellent choice.

Swimmers always just want to get the best training they can and it was a choice of the committed swimmers from Bethnal Green to move to Hackney.

The Advanced Coaching scheme provides training set to national standards and it proved a treat for swimmers who will compete at the Winter Nationals next week.

Madison is sorry to have missed the Arena league competition final but the team did very well. What a rise from bottom league to Premier League in the space of 2 years. The Arena League is a superb competition concept as it allows the whole team, across the ages and squads to come together as a team and seal the club spirit and set the tone for the season.

For many the friendship and team spirit make the choice to become swimmers easy.


family friendly

Looking at swimming clubs, there are a lot that are family friendly. That is a good thing, but I do beware of clubs that want to make us all one big family.

That concept is not working and simply confuses people. Many different families do not make us all one big family.

What however is a good concept, are clubs that have a good team spirit and all working together well. Big difference, lots of families and individuals being a great team and then there are those that want to make all members into one big family. I think that is an idea that arrived during the Hippy era in the 1960s, and not suitable for swimming clubs.

In a good team all individuals have great respect for one another.

Legally families and swimming clubs fall under totally different rules.

Many criminal elements have abused the term family to raise criminal organisations and led to the doom of those taking part.

Having a family concept to run a sports club clashes with all legal requirements laid down by our national laws. British Swimming and Swim England, do not endorse making swimming clubs big families for all their members.

A club record

That’s the first time that Madison has achieved a club record. Hackney Aquatics just started publishing them, well, it is a relatively new club, and to my amazement Madison is listed as holding the 50m short course for the 50 backstroke.

Time of 32:55 on 11. March 2018 for 13 year olds.


Getting there

This year’s London Winter Champs were hugely inspiring to us. Even though Madison cannot compete herself at the moment, due to various issues, the fact that some of our club swimmers made it to the podium, gotten national times and overall did very well and swam so inspiringly, is very important.

Because not everybody is 100% well all the time but the team, will always support each other and draw strength from each other.

Please check the Hackney Aquatics Club posts on Twitter and Facebook to see what excellent results were achieved. And do not hesitate to visit the Hackney Aquatics Club website to follow the ongoing successes of our swimmers.

It is very important that your swimmers realise, that it is not always going swimmingly good for everyone and that we all have off-times, but that being part of the team and the will and strength to overcome problems is very inspiring and important for everyone.