Hello and thanks for visiting my blog.

I am the daughter of Mr Heinz Kaschke, who helped run the Wuerzburg Swimverein SV05Wuerzburg, together with Mr Adami, who has now a swimming bath, the Adami bath named after him.

SV05 Wuerzburg Waterball team, Madison’s great grandfather is the guy top right in the white shirt just behind the team.

I grew up in Wuerzburg and loved the Dallenbergbad, which is a huge Lido with 50m pool, a full jump pool, smaller play pool and baby pool.

As a child I did a bit of swimming, which I learned and practised in the 50m pool and some synchronised swimming. My best stroke is breaststroke.

Now I live in London and my father’s great granddaughter just loves swimming, as if it is in the DNA. Madison’s great grandfather helped at SV05 Wuerzburg Swimming club.

Madison’s great grandfather, Heinz Kaschke is the small guy seen here in the foreground. This pic is probably 45 – 50 years old

Madison swims since age 4 and learned swimming with Better and Bethnal Green Sharks. In July 2016 Madison joined LACPP as part-time swimmer and in August 2016 as full-time member. Madison progressed to the LAC ACS in September 2017 and is affiliated to Newham & UEL swimming club. Since then club has been changed again to Hackney Aquatics.

I act as Official at swimming meets and train as J2 at the moment.

I have spent many hours around the pools and hope I can help others on the way to a great swimming career too.

I chose the name Spriint for this blog because that is what I always shouted when I watched her in meets doing the last length.

I like to put everything that has to do with Madison’s sport onto our own website, so it is easy for Madison to talk to her friends about her sport and also can she explain and reference to her teachers and mentors what she is up to and when she needs time off from her lessons to attend competitions.

This is a personal blog, please refer to your clubs and official organisations for matters involving your own swimmers.