The silver lining

It marks a glimmer of hope that a German ruling on athletes rights to advertise during the Olympic Games, will allow swimmers to benefit from swimming revenue, which breaks through this total enclosure of non profitability for swimmers.

Whilst the ruling only applies to German swimmers, it will follow on that other nations will take steps to copy-cat the ruling.

It seems fair that swimmers can have some sort of direct earnings power through their significant achievements by being able to earn through adverts, whilst their names are fresh and in everybody’s mind, whilst the games are on.

I read about this on SwimVortex who publish on Facebook. I copy from Reuters, taking from the blog:

From Reuters:

Among the changes are that advertising activities planned for during the Olympics no longer need to be cleared by the DOSB beforehand.

They can also include some terms such as “medal, gold, silver, bronze, winter or summer games.”

It is now also permitted to use certain photographs taken during the Games, while athletes are allowed to use social media more freely during the Olympic Games.

“With its decision, the German Cartel Office recognized that there are legitimate reasons for restricting individual athletes’ advertising opportunities in order to ensure the ongoing organization of the Olympic Games,” the IOC said in a statement.

More on the story in English from Reuters……/olympics-german-athletes-score-ad…

I think that is brilliant news and allows athletes to make some decisions for themselves, which brings so much for fun into the sport.

I still do not think that full commercialisation of all amateur sports is not viable, especially not those sports who are not attracting huge crowds normally but that solution is just brilliant.