Helping the homeless

should be the first priority for everyone this Christmas. Knowing that homeless deaths are up 24% and that the life expectancy of a homeless person is only half that of us housed people, I cannot enjoy Christmas this year as I did last year.

This year, we won’t buy any gifts for those who  have homes or jobs as they already have enough to survive on, instead we give every spare penny or tin to food banks.

Wanting to help homeless people is made more difficult for those who have flats but beg for drug money. There are plenty of those about and it makes it very hard to distinguish between genuinely homeless people and those we know have homes an who just beg to get extra money off passers-by.

Please download the street-link app to help those unfortunate members of our community who sleep outside.

Step 1. See a rough sleeper Step 2. Open the Streetlink App Step 3. Enter rough sleepers details Step 4. A professional will attend that rough sleeper