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II just read on Swim Vortex that there is now a Professional Swimmer’s Association and that FINA has been taken to court by Katinka Hosszu and Michael Andrew. Something to do with unlawful behaviour in relation to Euroepan Anti-Trust law.

My head is spinning. So far all licensed competitions world-wide follow the same rules, e.g. swimmers have to use the style law made by FINA.

All young swimmers are brought up to those stroke rules and it can take a swimmer up to 9 months to learn a different type of style, once they gotten used to a particular one.

If swimming is going to be de-regulated, then that could also imply that swimming rules could change. E.g. some competitions could use that style and others another.

obviously the world is never going to stand still and things will always change. But I still maintain my views on commercial viability; unless of course tournaments in the World Wide Wrestling, making real show stoppers, which could include swimming shows.

Well, interesting in terms of licensing. Currently all swimming competitions are to be licensed with Swim England, would that also contravene European Anti-Trust laws?

I am not too hopeful that there will be a quick change. Things would cost a lot of money to set up differently and who is putting that kind of money into it, that it would cost to host the alternative swimming competitions.

ISL is hosting a two-day development event at Stamford Bridge.

It will be interesting to see how that extra strain on the swimmers with more competitions, than the ones they usually do will affect their health and whether it will be good for them or not so good.

What is also very interesting is the fact that Adam Peaty for example had his skills trained onto him by firstly his own finance, by being a member of a swimming club and then of course British Swimming has invested a lot in his skill and funded him. So can he just take those skills and run with them without having to pay back?

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