The gender gap

You need to read the whole article to come to the conclusion.

If you think, men will always outdo women on strength simply because what their hormones do. They have better bone density, stronger muscles, bigger hands, bigger feet.

Even gender swaps are unfair to born females because a women changing into a man, doesn’t get the same attributes that a man would have had, but a man changing into a woman brings all the male attributes to the new person.

bigger hands

bigger feed

bigger body

That works the same in each sport where there are gender re-assignments competing. Leaving a male female classification is not improving the sport, it simply improves the methods people use to get better results within that classification.

to relate this to swimming, I think a simply body length classification would improve the sport because that is what it is all about.

It is not about who is the fastest over a distance regardless of their size. It does not improve the sport to measure in that way. It is about improving the sport, human agility and strength and speed and that can only be achieved if the sport participants are classified in categories of athletes who have the same attributes.

If you classify swimmers into body length then we may get a 6 foot male swimming against a 6 foot woman but that is really better than having a 6 foot male swimming against a 5 foot male or a 6 foot woman swimming against a 5 foot woman.

OK it does make a difference how big your hands or your feet are because the kicking and shuffling of water during strokes makes also a big difference.

Yet simple gender classification doesn’t distinguish those differences any longer because of gender re-assignments.

Maybe swimming should adopt a measuring classification that is more sophisticated. After all even the post office measures parcels 4-dimensional, e.g.

height, length, depth, weight.

Yet swimming has only gotten to 2 dimensions and these 2 dimensions do not properly represent the swimmers in the pool.

How about height, hand size and foot size as 3 measuring points? That is not sexist at all and simply looks at facts.

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