family friendly

Looking at swimming clubs, there are a lot that are family friendly. That is a good thing, but I do beware of clubs that want to make us all one big family.

That concept is not working and simply confuses people. Many different families do not make us all one big family.

What however is a good concept, are clubs that have a good team spirit and all working together well. Big difference, lots of families and individuals being a great team and then there are those that want to make all members into one big family. I think that is an idea that arrived during the Hippy era in the 1960s, and not suitable for swimming clubs.

In a good team all individuals have great respect for one another.

Legally families and swimming clubs fall under totally different rules.

Many criminal elements have abused the term family to raise criminal organisations and led to the doom of those taking part.

Having a family concept to run a sports club clashes with all legal requirements laid down by our national laws. British Swimming and Swim England, do not endorse making swimming clubs big families for all their members.