The shoulder injection

Picture taken after prep for the shoulder injection was completed. The arrow shows where the doctors injected steroids into Madison’s shoulder to ease the pain. It should work within 7 days.

I was surprised how much the doctor’s knew about swimming and strokes and they are interested in understanding more about the condition of swimmer’s shoulder.

The Royal London Hospital is a fantastic place.

Even when we waited for Madison’s MRI scan a week ago, the waiting room seemed more like a space station rather than a hospital waiting room. It is the most modern environment you can think of and we are extremely privileged to only live 15 minutes away from it and to get treatment there.

All the doctors and nurses are superbly clever and only ask smart questions and give even smarter answers.

hospital bed
A cubicle bed at the children’s day-care unit.

It is no wonder they are making such a fuss about beds. Looking at the bed, it has 12 buttons at the bottom part and 9 at the top. The cubicle curtains show scenes of London and the feeling one gets when there is fantastic.

We will see by next week whether the injection helped with the pain or not.