waiting for answers

Even doctors are baffled by Madison’s sudden demise, which comes on and goes just as sudden. There is not much going on but doctor’s appointments, hospital check-ups and soon to come a bunch of blood tests. Tomorrow is the consultant’s appointment for the orthopaedic but the MRI scan already showed there is a lot of fluid in the shoulder. Obviously that is causing pain when swimming with the arms and so it is just going on as always, kicking, spinning, gym. Now Madison also got exercise to build the muscles in the shoulders with stretch-band exercises. But it’s just one of those things, it probably is the worst 6 months in the young life of this young swimmer. The physio gave a brilliant prospect, so some competitions have been entered for next year, there is also counties but we have to wait and see what further consultations conclude. But in the meantime football is easy enough, if those strange dizzy spells don’t throw a spanner into the works. The bunch of blood test Madison needs to do will probably shine a light on the reason for recent occurences.