The new hope

It’s now been over a week since that steroid injection and so far nothing has returned to normal.

Madison’s pains have gradually disappeared through the week but the swimming is not yet what it used to be.

The steroids injected merely acted as anti-inflammatory agent, they are not like anabolic steroids some athletes use.

When the shoulder bones do not fuse, then the friction causes inflammation of the area. The steroids merely counteract on that inflammation.

So far the pain has gotten better but no more than 15 minutes of breaststroke can be swum.

It is remarkable that still no freestyle or backstroke can be done. Well, that means back to the drawing board and to see what the doctors can come up with. But till then there is still time to try. I reckon the diagnosis of OS Acromiale remains the same.

Normally it takes about a week for the injection to take effect. It has been only 7 days since. Let’s wait and see.





























The perils of volunteer run organisations

All swimming clubs rely on volunteers and the longer I am involved the more hair-raising incidences I come across that question my sanity.

Obviously for all of us the day-job comes first, we do need to earn a wage, to even be able to pay the swimming clubs for the membership.

Yet there are a lot of jobs in swimming clubs that are done purely by volunteers. There is someone who runs the website, someone who organises galas, the competition entries, the results processing, the officials and so on.

Quite often I see that swimming club info on the website is out of date and even clashes with e-mail information sent out. Even though many of us see websites as a blessing, if you can’t up-date yours it can be adding to the confusion.

What can one believe?

I think the most important thing to go by is the

  1. date of the event
  2. start time of the races
  3. start time of warm ups

As long as we know the date and that the event is happening we can always arrive on the day and get our swimmers into the pool. Our coaches will normally be there but in instances were they aren’t swimmers can still take part in the event and a parent will have to step in organising as good as possible.

We had been to plenty of events where no coach came, especially with our previous swimming club.

If you think about it, if somebody has the job of publishing on a club website and then things start happening, like computer breakdown, illness, just to name those, then obviously the websites cannot be up-dated.

keeping calm and getting our swimmers to the venue is obviously the most important issue, everything else will fall into place on the day.

The officials will always arrive early and have their equipment on them, so that the event can go ahead, as long as the organisers have booked the pool and have their technical equipment in place.

One cannot compare running swimming clubs with major blue chip companies. When a large website breaks down it makes front line news on all major publishers but swimming clubs are voluntarily run and can only do the best they can.

family friendly

Looking at swimming clubs, there are a lot that are family friendly. That is a good thing, but I do beware of clubs that want to make us all one big family.

That concept is not working and simply confuses people. Many different families do not make us all one big family.

What however is a good concept, are clubs that have a good team spirit and all working together well. Big difference, lots of families and individuals being a great team and then there are those that want to make all members into one big family. I think that is an idea that arrived during the Hippy era in the 1960s, and not suitable for swimming clubs.

In a good team all individuals have great respect for one another.

Legally families and swimming clubs fall under totally different rules.

Many criminal elements have abused the term family to raise criminal organisations and led to the doom of those taking part.

Having a family concept to run a sports club clashes with all legal requirements laid down by our national laws. British Swimming and Swim England, do not endorse making swimming clubs big families for all their members.

A club record

That’s the first time that Madison has achieved a club record. Hackney Aquatics just started publishing them, well, it is a relatively new club, and to my amazement Madison is listed as holding the 50m short course for the 50 backstroke.

Time of 32:55 on 11. March 2018 for 13 year olds.


The shoulder injection

Picture taken after prep for the shoulder injection was completed. The arrow shows where the doctors injected steroids into Madison’s shoulder to ease the pain. It should work within 7 days.

I was surprised how much the doctor’s knew about swimming and strokes and they are interested in understanding more about the condition of swimmer’s shoulder.

The Royal London Hospital is a fantastic place.

Even when we waited for Madison’s MRI scan a week ago, the waiting room seemed more like a space station rather than a hospital waiting room. It is the most modern environment you can think of and we are extremely privileged to only live 15 minutes away from it and to get treatment there.

All the doctors and nurses are superbly clever and only ask smart questions and give even smarter answers.

hospital bed
A cubicle bed at the children’s day-care unit.

It is no wonder they are making such a fuss about beds. Looking at the bed, it has 12 buttons at the bottom part and 9 at the top. The cubicle curtains show scenes of London and the feeling one gets when there is fantastic.

We will see by next week whether the injection helped with the pain or not.