The asthmatic phase

To mirror a typical doctor’s consultation. Doctor asks, do you get out of breath, Madison yes. Doctor do you ever wheeze? Madison, yes especially at the end of a long training session or after swimming fast. Diagnosis Asthma.

I fought that diagnosis since a long time. We were given breathing charts, filled them in by breathing into a tube and measuring the output and putting it on a chart, clearly showing that Madison is not asthmatic.

Yet despite all that evidence, doctors decided to formally diagnose Madison with Asthma after she felt a bit stressed and couldn’t breathe.

Madison was given the brown inhaler containing some steroids, which are illegal to use as injections. Apparently that brown inhaler didn’t make things better at all.

Yesterday, we spent several hours at the hospital and Madison undergone tests which showed that her lung capacity is in fact above average good.

Good riddance of the inhalers then.

But just to be going on about this. People in big cities are not only exposed to more stress due to tight space but also to more air pollution than in the countryside, that is more than obvious of course.

Stress can often result in feeling uncomfortable and feeling a bit tight and cached in by all sorts of things, which may feel like not being able to breathe freely.

More exercise than usual can lead to feeling out of breath. I experienced it myself. After years of inactivity I took up swimming again. After 1 length I felt out of breath. But, of course doctors referred me for an asthma tests, which was negative. I simply continued exercising and now swimming 20 length is easy for me and when I found it difficult to get up a set of stairs without feeling out of breath, now it is very easy for me to run up the stairs using 2 steps at a time.

clean clear cold drink
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Having a drink of water can provide relief. If I feel out of breath following more than usual exercise I have a drink of water, which reliefs me considerably.

Having walk in a forest or green area can provide considerable relief.

Finding certain types of stress-relief can become a bit of a fashion. Of course it is easy to puff on a blue inhaler for example if you feel stressed about something but then there are also other things you can do.

Perhaps all people feeling unable to breathe should have formal lung capacity tests prior to being prescribed inhalers. Those tests go quite quick and are easily read, it literally doesn’t take longer than 1/2 hour. But one can have to wait a long time to get an appointment to have it done. Those machines should be widely available in doctor’s surgeries and help prevent the wrongful prescriptions of powerful inhalers, which are not always needed.



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