Not the Life of Riley

When I look at our immediate future, I see nothing less than a cozy home-life in the bosom of the family. It’s a whole new life-style, whereby the least time is spent at home.

Find myself more and more booking into away-competitions in out-of-London locations and having to book into the meets, the trains and hotels.

But why not, why centre life around the home and spend all time at the house we live in when most exciting activities happen elsewhere.

I need to look at lifestyle, what is the norm and what is more fun.

Why spend all year at home to just go on a holiday once a year and an expensive one at that.

We rather go on lots of swimming meets, which only last a weekend and bring us out-of-town but we can combine healthy sporting activity with away-weekends, which also help to see different towns, different clubs and get us away from the same old.

It’s great fun to get out of London and have a reason to breathe fresher air and experience the great British countryside.

We go to Repton, Chichester, to Cambridge and hopefully soon also to City of Derby and Wycombe. Unfortunately we miss the Welsh Nationals but hey we can’t be everywhere.

The prospect of competing at Cambridge Swimming club’s event the Cambridge Grand Prix, should be a superb taster of the town, especially as they have a famous university to which Madison could go after her A-levels.