3km in 53:10

Just found the Open Water London Championship results OW18 RESULTS and very pleased to see that Madison’s first attempt on Open Water swimming was a success.

Despite getting disoriented in places and forgot to turn corners quickly enough managed a respectable 6th place in the London Region. Yet qualified for s silver medal for Middlesex participants.

Unfortunately Madison missed the medal ceremony and her medal because we rushed off to support the Hackney Aquatics Swim the Thames day where Madison swam another 2km to raise funds for charity.

I contacted the organisers to ask whether she can still get her medal posthum.

Didn’t have any preparation and never even been swimming in Open Water at all.

Madison will try again in Chichester in July.

When I often hear swimmers lament how hard the 800 are, after swimming 3000 meters, I suppose the 800 seem quite easy.

It is easy to get results for pool based and licensed meets on the Personal Best swimming results website, but the Open Water results are not included. Perhaps they will add that in the future.