Casing out the joint

We decided to take this inset day off school to look at the venue for tomorrows Open Water bout.

We looked at the best transport route. Apparently tomorrow no trains will stop at Whitechapel, due to Crossrail work, so we found 2 other routes we could take.

Also from the station to the Surrey Quays Watersport centre, the walkway is quite easy to find when there, which is not so easy to see on maps.

Previously when I suggested Madison could swim in the Bathing Ponds in Hampstead Heath, she was terrified about the prospect as the water looked so dark and dirty. And apparently pool swimmers can develop an anxiety about swimming in open waters because in the pool the water is so clear, clean and transparent.


When we arrived at Surrey Quays, the water also looked dark with bits of leaves in, fish swimming there and some lovely ducks.

But you just can’t beat the scenery and the natural atmosphere. It must be better for the immune system to have some proper contact with the natural environment.

No pool gives you this wonderfully scenic look with real trees and a wonderful skyline. It’s amazing what one can find in the middle of London.


We’ll have an amazing day tomorrow, which we’ll finish off at the Hackney Lido for the Hackney Aquatics Community Day, donations very welcome.

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