Nothing can stop us

We had a few obstacles in our way to get to early morning training.

  • First a lot of walkways around the LAC are closed due to an event nearby
  • and buses are on diversion
  • then we could not enter the LAC because of a staff problem there
Carpenters Road underpass

We decided to take a nightbus to near the LAC and walk the rest of the way from the other side of the venue to get there on time. Isn’t that underpass psychedelic? I love it.

We were relatively early just to find out that the LAC manager was locked into her office and they had to call the fire brigade to get her out.

Our ever so reliable head coach then took some of us to Clissold so that we do not miss the morning practise.

After a nice car ride we finally made the practise. Nothing can stop us from morning practise.

If a morning practise is finished at 7:30AM it is still easily possible to be in school for 8:30AM because public transport in London is fantastic.