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Is a big discussion going on and one of the questions that plague young people is: “Why do adults keep on talking?” Chas and Dave’s song “You won’t stop talking, why don’t you give it a rest?” also questions constant conversation along those lines.

My simple answer to this is, adults who do not engage in sport, fitness simply spend more time talking, constantly seeking emotional security by engaging in conversations. But there are 2 types of emotional problems, the destructive and constructive type.

Yesterday’s performance of Hamlet was a very good example how badly managed mental health ends in tragedy and death for everyone involved.

Hamlet didn’t like his mother’s re-marriage to his uncle and Hamlet became quite abusive and threatening towards his family and friends.  Hamlet listened to his dead father’s ghost. He killed Ophelia’s father, then fought with Ophelia’s brother, then his mother drank the poison that was meant for Hamlet; Hamlet then forced his step-father to also drink the poison and eventually drank the rest himself, leaving the stage full of dead bodies.

My motto is always, do not succumb to bad moods, avoid any moodiness and rather spend time on thinking about positive things. However talking doesn’t work for everyone. Engaging in fitness and sport can help reducing dark and destructive or self-destructive moods.

On the other hand we all heard about Michael Phelps’s problems with mental health but in his case, the outcome was very positive. He won a lot of medals and established a happy family life for himself and even helps others by opening up about his struggles.

There are different qualities to talking and conversing, the one which is constantly being negative and talking only to see the dark and problematic side of things and on the other hand there is the struggle to succeed and fulfill a goal or ambition, which involved bettering health and performance.

But seriously don’t be a slouch and spend all your time just talking to others, take some time out and do some fitness exercises and that doesn’t leave all that time for talking but clears the mind and helps the blood flow to the brain, which makes it work better. Perhaps politicians should go for a run or swim in between sessions instead of having drinks. Many employers now make gyms and fitness facilities part of the employment environment.




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