Going Nationals?

Madison qualified for various events in the Welsh Nationals 2018 but we have decided not to enter.

Reason, we need to pay for fares to get there, need to book into a hotel and that for several days because the events are spaced apart over several days.

We need to consider whether spending so much time and money actually furthers the swimming skills. Especially as the qualifying times are not higher than the London Region, which is just on our doorstep, it is not so exciting to go all out.

I can spend the same amount of money for a week’s works of training at the Melanie Marshall swimming camp the following week and get a lot of skills training for the money.

However had Madison qualified for the English or British Nationals, we wouldn’t mind spending money on going there because the qualifying times are faster and the demand on skills is higher.

Instead we will concentrate on getting faster for next season. It is never too late to get faster.

It is very important not to get demoralised when reading those publications whereby some swimmers win county and regional champs and go to British champs aged 14 and then thinking well I’m 14, and if I haven’t made it yet I never will. That is simply not so, everybody is different and as long as times improve there is a lot of hope.

Real progress being made

“Looking ahead to the 2020 Qualification Window, following feedback from the competitive swimming community, meet organisers should note that there is the desire to close the Window earlier to both limit the cross over with the school examination period and allow a for a longer run in (and training block) post the close of the Window to the end of season domestic meets.”

As Madison is one of those swimmers who genuinely also very much enjoy school and education, the news are more than welcome.

I suppose it also takes a lot of strain of many parents who are constantly worried how their children can mix GCSE and A-level exams with preparation for the British Nationals.

Currently the qualifying window opens on 22nd March but hey, why not start the qualifying window during Counties, which are also held in 50m pools.

When British Swimming funds  currently 2, national swim centres. Swim England wants to fund 4 performance centres from this year, July onward, there will be better access all around for those studying swimmers.

“At the moment many talented swimmers are unable to continue their swimming because of the lack of opportunities through further education. This programme was a key element of our swimming talent programme funding bid to Sport England as it will provide a vital link between the Swim England and British Swimming pathway….”

British Swimming is a superb organisation that has progress at its heart.

Obviously both British Swimming and Swim England are working together to further academic brilliance and brilliant swimming, as they know it belongs together.

I do hope that there will be one Performance Centre here in London and the LAC is such an inviting venue.

Our lives would be wonderfully sorted if all our educational and swimming needs get perfectly streamlined.