Walking on Hampstead Heath

hampstead heath entranceIt was a grey day with just clouds hanging over us, which gave the foliage this dark green deeply lustrous glint.

All trees were shrouded, as we walked on with a fine rainy mist that spread all over and stopped all view over the crowns of the trees, which surrounded the horizon.

Where we could see through the foliage, the view was barely there.

Hampstead Heath view

When we arrived at the Henry Moore sculpture within the Kenwood estate, Henry Moore’s ‘Two place reclining figure’ nestled shyly under the trees, barely noticeable in the darkness under the sky.

Hampstead Heath Henry Moore
Henry Moore, two place reclining figure at Kenwood estate in Hampstead Heath

That’s when the rain started to fall harder and we couldn’t find a rain-free bench to eat our sandwiches.

Feeling some heavy rain coming on, we went for the nearest bus stop and when we were near Finsbury Park the thunder and lightning and the rain became so bad, sitting in the bus seemed the safest option.

This thunderous rain contrasted sharply with the deeply peaceful atmosphere amongst the trees of the park.

We love the forest and hope the weather allows us further explorations of the London Park this half-term.