Watering down

After last night’s edition of Britain’s Fat Fight I realised the danger sugar in drinks poses. It is very hard to know how dangerous those appetizing bottles of liquid are unless you find that a mass publication finally notifies the population of the facts and that only happens once things have become desperate.

Kids just love endless soft drinks in restaurants. Fruit juice and smoothies, presented as healthy options are full of sugar.

I learned that apparently a 150ml serving of fruit juice is recommended by government health officials.

Why is it then that producers can fill shelves with rows of bottles of smoothies, juices and sell soft drinks in bottles and restaurants in abundance but why is it that it is much more difficult for the consumer to be educated about the effects of consumption than buying those items.

I am now cutting down on fruit juices bought in bottles. If I serve it, I water it down by at least 1/3. I’ve already stopped baking those sugary muffins because if I add up all the sugar consumed by just drinking juice, having smoothies and eating muffins, than also eating desserts after school dinners or having chocolate milk after training, I end up serving a huge amount of sugar per day.