AM training

AM training Feb 20171Days are getting longer again and it’s always refreshing to see the sun rise around morning training. We go three times per week now and getting used to it.

The lifestyle in the city is such that we get used to late evenings, cosy TV watching and later to bed and later to rise.

AM training means getting up at 4:30, having breakfast, then off to the pool before school. Whilst in Primary it was very easy for Madison as the pool was directly next to the school but now there is travel involved.

London’s transport is excellent and it is very easy to get from place to place using very fast and reliable public transport. It is so much easier to enjoy the landscapes whilst using a bus/train or walking to or from a train station rather than driving.

WP_20180217_06_58_54_Pro_LIIt is cold but fresh this morning and as long as the sky is blue and the sun is shining, the weather is not so much of an issue.

AM training has now firmly become a part of our routine and is embedded in our life-style. It is not only the swimmer that is affected by the training routine because as long as they are young teens the parents are the ones that bring them to training. So chop, chop and bristol fashion, no excuses.


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