We are team Unify

It finally happened, yesterday, Hackney Aquatics invited swimmers and parents to register with the Team Unify platform.

On with better ways to manage the swimming.

I downloaded the OnDeck app and there it is, all the details in one place, easy to overlook. Quite astonishing to get the overall attendance in such clear percentages. Missing only 4 sessions, reduces attendance to 84%.

But then there was Christmas in the last 4 weeks and kids usually attend the school Christmas concert and once we actually overslept the morning practise.

Getting the attendance statistics is a great way to reflect on attending. Also parents can easily see if their kids attended when they went swimming alone.

We have yet given up another side hobby to have more time for the swimming. I suppose the older one gets and the more one focuses on swimming the more time one wants to spend on it.

Apparently 14 seems to be the crunch point for many. Madison is very keen on swimming and luckily many friends have been in the sport since years and are also very keen, so that swimmers can strengthen each others desires to get better and motivate each other.

It’s very nice now to have the Best times on the program and the usefulness will grow on us.