A win-win situation

Swimming is a sport where you cannot lose. You cannot lose because you always gain. You gain better health, better fitness, better feelings all around, better performance in school and you may win some medals.

The secret is to always swim for fun. Whether you have fun just paddling up and down the lane or swimming for performance, it’s entirely up to you.

Some swimmers enjoy competing, trying to get faster and performing at competitions and as long as that is the case, there are plenty of opportunities with the many swimming clubs we have in our local areas.

Don’t compare yourself to others because swimming is a hugely individual sport whereby many different swimmers have developed in totally different ways.

You can’t progress in this sport if you create yourself stress and try to imitate others. You always need to swim and compete because you enjoy it.

Thankfully swimming is an entirely amateur sport, that allows us to keep the fun in swimming and if we are good enough to get funding we’ll get it if not there are always reasons to enoy swimming anyway.