A superb social gathering

Last night’s award ceremony and Christmas Party was the best sports club party I had the pleasure to attend.

Set in the iconic Hackney Marshes centre facility, the gathering enjoyed great music, a lovely buffet and of course an award ceremony for the achievers of the club. I suppose if everybody in the club gotten a medal for achieving, the medal table would have collapsed. This club has lots of superbly supportive parents, extremely eager and talented swimmers, excellent coaches and volunteers.

Madison joint the club in August but earned the silver medal for the 13-year-old female club champs category.

HAC has some fantastic role models in its swimming fraternity with national champs gold medal winners, regional and county champs medal winners to look up to. That is just the right environment for any swimmer to learn and progress in the sport.

The Christmas Party costume 2017

I, as supporting parent, stood out on this occasion coming dressed as a blue-haired Mrs Crinch.

The party provided a superb setting for people with children of all ages to enjoy the evening.

I recommend the Rose wine Spritzer they sold at the centre bar to the parents who do like a tipple.