Swimming for parents

I just wanted to do some free advertisement for our Better Pools. I have just signed up for the Better Swim deal and wow how this has improved.

That is definitely a new BEST in Better swim provision.

I reside in Tower Hamlets and when I started out I could only sign up for swimming within Tower Hamlets. Having fascinated by the Hackney Lido, I went there to ask how much it costs to swim and was told because I am not from Hackney and have no membership, the cost is around £12.

No, no, no was what sprung to my mind.

Later I was able to sign up for Queen Elizabeth Olympic Pool membership but that was again different from my Tower Hamlets membership.

Now finally and very welcome indeed, I gotten a Better Swim membership that opens all the doors to all Better pools for me.

It is just great to be able to have a dip into the pool whilst my child has swim practise or then being able to swim at all other times. And because we change training and competition venues quite a lot, I am now able to swim where and when I want.

That is superbly wonderful. I think it is an absolute bargain to be able to swim at any time of day and in any Better pool of my choice for £31,– per month.

We need our pools, as our kids train in them and getting fitter through swimming should be any swimming parent’s natural choice too.

Of course my swimming skills are well below those of my swimming child. Well, once, at the very beginning, I was actually faster but now, the table has firmly turned against me. I now have a job getting half-way down the pool whilst my swimmer is already on the way back.

Though I have noticed that will better since I have made use of BETTER pools. Try it for yourselves.