Swimming as a career choice?

I just received this letter in the post. apparently the government imposes onto councils to now notify all parents with pupils in year 9 that there are specialist schools University Technical Colleges available that accept pupils in year 10 with the impetus of providing specialist educational subjects.

Most schools I received as options are concentrating on

  • engineering
  • aviation
  • digital technology
  • computer science
  • Maths

No sports available at all at this stage. Why is it not possible to combine sport and technology?

Yet we keep on hearing that people do not choose healthy lifestyles at an early age, but trying to do this is immensely difficult as our education system merely pushes technology on its own.

Considering that the Leisure industry has a huge market impact, I would have thought that at least one school offers sport and recreation at the year 10 stage.

I would go as far as to say that all schools must be affiliated to Sport England and be associated with at least 1 sports club, ideally more.

Swimmers should not have to choose between school and swimming, schools should have to do more to integrate swimmers within their curriculum.


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