It’s not a club after all

The LAC advanced coaching scheme lacks just one ingredient and that is being a club. In the classic sense clubs have club championships, club discos, club records and are run by local volunteers.

Technically the coaching is superb but most swimmers still have their local club as main club. We can no longer compete for the LAC ACS, we need to compete for a second club that we also register with.

So last year was pretty special is was the first and only year that the then LACPP held competitions and brought out a club kit. Now any swimmer that is only registered with the LAC has to compete for Newham.

I wrote about it before that I thought the Newham & UEL club service is excellent, there are no qualms about this at all.

But, as we live right next to Bethnal Green Sharks training ground and locals are used to Madison winning medals for the local school and the local club, we want to try and get back into Sharks as our main club. It’s where we live, where we compete.