That’ll do nicely

I couldn’t resist watching the first training session of the new season and I was well impressed. The squad looked like a unified squad training and the session was just excellent. Oh, no, curiosity didn’t kill the cat as I am still around to tell the tale.

I’ve never seen the lanes so full of eager participants and soon we’ll have a waiting list for swimmers to join the club. Swimmers actually gotten some clever preparation sheets, the contents of which are highly scientific. Just right for the intellect. It’s not just brawn but also brain.

We are actually getting the benefit of world-class training preparation from a Goventry GB Premier Club. We get to learn about Oxygen intake and lactic Acid production and get a breakdown of the mileage swam each week.

Madison appeared pleasantly excited after this training session and actually thinks she still can learn a few tricks. So far so good.

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