LAC Advanced Coaching Scheme

LAC ASC will start training tomorrow at the Olympic Pool in Stratford. A very positive initial meeting today, which was attended by the Creme-de-la-Creme of British Swimming brought us the excellent news that Nick Sellwood, who is a member of the British Swimming Coaches Association and listed as one of the Olympic Coaches here, will be the interim coach at the LAC training pool the following week.

This program is getting better all the time and as I have heard this afternoon a new website will be open from tomorrow, Monday 4th. September 2017, through the NUEL swimming club website here. Apparently news just in say that a completely new website will open from tomorrow, 5th. September 2017.

However, at the time of editing this page 4/9/17, on the NUEL website, the training time-table is the old one. LAC ACS Revised timetable from 04.09.17 with training sessions starting at 17:00 on most days.

The club’s training program will be supervised by Swim England directly and it promises to be top quality performance coaching.

I understand that Holly Richards, NUEL’s current headchoach will be in charge until a new head coach for LACACS is appointed.

Excellent progress is being made, we can continue swimming swimmers.

LAC Advanced Coaching Scheme is administered by the Newham & NUEL swimming club, but the training schedule for swimmers being members of the LAC ACS runs from the LAC only.

There are swimmers that can be members of the host clubs only, including the Newham club whose training is based on their home borough, e.g. the pools in and around Newham or whichever borough they are from. Those clubs then have allocated sessions at the Olympic pool see the LAC ACS Revised timetable from 04.09.17. Those sessions are from 19:00 in the evenings and on Saturdays.

I understand that swimmers also can be members of a local club, and be part-time members of the LAC ACS, but that depends whether the club coach allows this part-time membership. I think a pro-rata payment for the swimming sessions is available on request.

Please contact your club’s coach if you are interested in this.