sourdough sooooo much energy

I am just one of those somewhat overweight, not very fit swimming parents. The LAC currently runs a drive to get parents into fitness; very good effort, I must say. But for that, I just don’t have the confidence just yet.

I was getting ready for another day of dieting with cabbage soup, when one of my flat mates left a loaf of sourdough bread on the kitchen counter for sharing. I looked at it and tried to sustain the temptation; but then the appetite overcame me.

Thorpe-3I just left all my energy the day before at Thorpe Park trodding around that venue all day.

I just kept on eating that sourdough bread, and had slice after slice. At the end of the day, I wasn’t even able to eat my greek yoghurt with blueberries. I left that for today’s breakfast.

But today, I was so full of energy. I stomped around the roads, with a spring in my step.

I come to believe that dieting on salads and cabbage does not give me any energy at all. I just sit around all day and hope to lose weight. To get the energy to do exercise I need to eat energy giving foods. It’s always a careful balancing act, how much to eat, how much to exercise, especially if the body has some problems that result in muscle cramping or joint problems.

I think we need to do what we can but the young swimmers just seem to have endless energy anyhow.

Image source: Bewithing Kitchen

2 thoughts on “sourdough sooooo much energy

  1. It s rather like computer programming , rubbish in , rubbish out .
    I , at the moment am doing the snake approach , very large breakfast , go & have a 20 min snooze ( hotel life ) & walk round all day , an almost eat nothing else ‘ till the following day .
    I have a few rice cakes to tide me over this evening .

    1. Quite, having one large meal is quite enough to give energy and then one just won’t get hungry for quite a while. I think eating all those smaller salad based meals just makes me even more hungry, than just eating some sinners carbs and feel full and energetic.

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