parking sorted at the LAC for LACPP

I am quite impressed by the high-quality discussion that took place around the car parking and drop-off issues that concerns swimming club members.

As it looks to me now, a sensible solution has been found and drivers will be able to get reduced price pay and play parking on the strength of a childs’ GLL membership, that only costs £10 per year. Apparently LACPP members are not automatically GLL members and so a GLL membership has to be especially acquired with the venue.

Please read the excellent parking page on the LACPP website for a full explanation of charges.

Even though I am an ardent non car commuter, I fully understand people’s need to drive there by car especially as the distances can be quite substantial and many items have to be carried as well to help the training needs. I wrote in support of the drivers to the management and I am glad that a solution has been found to accommodate the club members. Madison was worried that some of her training friends would have to leave the club over the issue and a huge sigh of relief has been heard.

But just as I finished writing and posting the first version of this post, I read on the BBC website that car insurance premiums are set to soar because of changes in how compensation is calculated.  That puts a definite urgency on life-style changes, so that car need becomes less.