Essex County Block C

We spent a nice weekend in the Essex area of Basildon and made the most of the weekend. There is plenty of scope for relaxation near the Basildon Sporting Village with plenty of excellent restaurants and hotels to stay in overnight. An 8am warm-up start on a Sunday morning made staying in a hotel necessary as I do not know how to get there this early without a car.

Talking of being a carless not careless but carless human being, navigating the area around the Basildon Sporting Village for a pedestrian is a sheer nightmare as there are no pedestrian crossing toward the bus stops at the north of the Sporting Village. We had to take taxis for each journey as crossing the dual carriage ways without a nearby pedestrian crossing points is very dangerous.

Despite that, it is well worth to make the way to the Essex County Championships as the atmosphere in the hall is superb with all individual athletes and teams doing their utmost to achieve brilliant times. New county records were achieved, look at the ECASA website for details. Needless to say that the organisers did a brilliant job putting up the event. I have heard that the LAC leg of the Essex County Championships was the largest such event ever held in Europe.

Apart from that Madison thoroughly enjoyed the competition that weekend. We could only marvel in the very fast times other 13 year olds achieved. This year Madison is happy with achieving personal best times on her long-course PBs. Next year the aim is to do better.

She’ll have to try again at the Redbridge regional qualifier to get those regional qualifying times for this year.