800 freestyle

I suppose you need to like a stroke and the distance you swim to be successful with it. Whilst competitive swimmers churn through amazing amounts of mileage in training, the 800 free competition was always some kind of red cloak for Madison.

Only after years of persuasion it was finally attempted this year, a county time achieved but only 19th in the 13 year old category with 11:14:65.

In this year’s Essex county results the 13-year young category saw the second fastest age-group result with 9:28:19 by Sophie Freeman and in the 15 year olds Emily Milton got 9:24:0. All other winners in younger and older age-groups were slower than this.

The fastest 18-year old was 9:36:40. The fastest 12-year old was 10:14:07.

Congratulations to all those brilliant swimmers. See all 800 results essex-17-800

Fastest age-groups:

  1. 15 years 9:24:40
  2. 13 years 9:28:19
  3. 18 years 9:36:40
  4. 14 years 9:39:16
  5. 17 years 9:40:61
  6. 16 years 9:40:75
  7. 12 years 10:14:07

Seeing that the regional qualifying time for a 15 year old is 9:43:4 and seeing that the swimmers in the 13/14/15 age-group already got that time, I certainly won’t allow Madison time off school again to attempt an 800 competition.

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